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Pastor Kelley Steele

Pastor Kelley Steele is the Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of Kingdom in the Valley Christian Church with her husband Pastor Reginald Steele, a ministry of more than 10,000 members dedicated to building God's Kingdom one family at a time at one of their 4 weekly services. Kingdom in the Valley has been listed as one of the fast growing churches in America by Outreach Magazine. Her life is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and women to live up to their full potential in Christ.  Pastor Kelley preaches weekly, filling her congregation with the Word of God, she has taught and counseled for more than a decade, which enables her to reach people with humor, warmth, transparency and strength. Pastor Kelley has impacted thousands of men and women as a guest preacher at churches/conferences and venues all across the United States with her uplifting, powerful, spirit inspired sermons and she also has had the pleasure to preach the gospel in Australia.

Pastor Kelley leads the Bold & Beautiful Women's Ministry which includes a bible study series, mini sermonette online, classes are effect and impactful & Women's Conferences in which she pour into the lives of women from all walks of life. She has started a series of books, completing her first book titled, “Depression Defeated – Your Pit Has a Purpose.”  Pastor Kelley has co-produced and co-written her first CD with Israel Houghton, “Overflow”, of which the title track “Overflow” and “More than Enough” were featured on Jesus at the Center, and is now known worldwide.

She has also had the pleasure of being a regular host and being featured on several talk shows such as local and national TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), Ladies in Leadership hosted by Pastor Wendy Treat, the Word Network on their talk show “Rejoice in the Word”, and My New Day hosted by Bob and Audrey Meisner. She and Pastor Steele also host their own weekly television program called, “Making a Difference.”  She has been highlighted in Gospel Today and Black Woman of Faith Magazine for her positivity and the impact she is having on the body of Christ.

Pastor Kelley has been happily married over 20 years to her high school sweetheart Pastor Reginald Steele. They are the proud parents of five children; Isaiah, Mariah, Stella, Isaac, and Ira.

She is a wife, mother, author, teacher, conference speaker, song-writer, role model and mentor.

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